Advisory Council and Community

UKRIO seaks expert advice from our Advisory Council, who advise our Trustees and office team, as well as our Advisory Community which is made up over 35 volunteer advisers.

Advisory Council

Members of our Advisory Council support the UKRIO Trustees and staff, providing advice and additional perspectives to inform and support our projects, strategy and operations. They sit as individuals, not on behalf of any other organisation, and hold no legal responsibility for UKRIO. Some are also volunteer advisers.

The Chair of the Advisory Council is Professor Inke Näthke, who is also a member of our Trustees.


Advisory Community

UKRIO additionally draws on our Advisory Community to inform and support our work, helping ensure we are in touch with the needs and concerns of the research community. The Advisory Community is made up of over 35 volunteer Advisers.  Our volunteer Advisers play a vital and varied role in supporting the activities of our charity, such as UKRIO’s Advisory Service, where they help us to offer expert guidance on the best ways to support good research practice, improve research culture and address poor practice and misconduct. They volunteer for UKRIO pro bono, providing advice on both general enquiries and specific research projects or cases.

Advisers are recruited based on their expertise and experience in research integrity. They come from a variety of backgrounds, for example:

  • Researchers from any academic discipline
  • Senior research institution managers
  • Professional services staff / administrators/ managers
  • Academic journals editors
  • Publication ethics specialists
  • Statisticians
  • Regulatory, funding or professional body representatives
  • Research ethics specialists
  • Research integrity officers
  • Others working on good research practice, research culture and related issues, whether formally, as peer support, or at the grassroots level.

We also recruit lay persons and legal professionals as Advisers. Our Advisers agree to comply with a Code of Conduct:

Who are our Advisers? In common with many other charities which give advice, UKRIO does not publish the names of individual volunteers who help us deliver advice and guidance. We do publish the names of our Trustees, the volunteers who direct our charity and oversee our Office Team. We also name our Advisory Council, the volunteers who provide advice and additional perspectives to support the work of our Trustees and staff.

Joining our Advisory Community

UKRIO is actively recruiting volunteers for our Advisory Community. This offers an excellent opportunity to contribute to how we shape research integrity policy in the UK and to help people faced with challenges to good research practice.

For more information, please visit this page.