3.2 Leadership and supervision

3.2.1 Organisations and researchers should promote and maintain an environment which fosters and supports research of high ethical standards, mutual co-operation, professionalism and the open and honest exchange of ideas. They should foster a culture where good conduct in research is promoted and inappropriate conduct is identified and addressed.

3.2.2 Organisations should provide direction and supervision of research and researchers, setting out clear lines of accountability for the organisation and management of research. They should support supervisors and researchers in meeting the legal and ethical requirements of conducting research. Organisations should encourage the career development of their researchers and provide training and mentoring of new researchers. They should also offer training and support to those charged with the supervision and development of other researchers. Organisations should support the principles of the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers.

3.2.3 Researchers involved in the supervision and development of other researchers should be aware of their responsibilities and ensure that they have the necessary training, time and resources to carry out that role, and request support if required.