3.1 General guidance on good practice in research

3.1.1 Organisations and researchers must comply with all legal and ethical requirements and other guidelines that apply to their research. This includes submitting research proposals for ethics review where appropriate and abiding by the outcome of that review. They should also ensure that research projects are approved by all applicable bodies, ethical, regulatory or otherwise.

3.1.2 When conducting, or collaborating in, research in other countries, organisations and researchers based in the UK should comply with the legal and ethical requirements existing in the UK and in the countries where the research is conducted. Similarly, organisations and researchers based abroad who participate in UK-hosted research projects should comply with the legal and ethical requirements existing in the UK as well as those of their own country.

3.1.3 Organisations and researchers should ensure that all research projects have sufficient arrangements for insurance and indemnity prior to the research being conducted.

3.1.4 Organisations should:

a) ensure that good practice in research forms an integral part of their research strategy or policy;

b) establish clear policies and procedures that cover the Principles of good practice in research (see section 2) and offer detailed guidance on the Standards set out in this Code;

c) ensure that these policies and procedures complement and are in accordance with existing organisational policies, such as those for health and safety, raising concerns at work, management of finances or of intellectual property, and equality and diversity;

d) make sure that their researchers are aware of these policies and procedures and that all research carried out under the auspices of the organisation complies with them;

e) provide training, resources and support to their researchers to ensure that they are aware of these policies and procedures and are able to comply with them;

f) encourage their researchers to consider good practice in research as a routine part of their work; and

g) monitor these measures for suitability and effectiveness and review them where necessary.

3.1.5 Researchers should:

a) recognise their responsibility to conduct research of high ethical standards;

b) be aware of their organisation’s policies and procedures on good practice in research;

c) make sure that their research complies with these policies and procedures, and seek guidance from their organisation when necessary;

d) work with their organisation to ensure that they have the necessary training, resources and support to carry out their research; and

e) suggest to their organisation how guidance on good practice in research might be developed or revised.