How we help

UKRIO has provided a comprehensive programme in support of research integrity since 2006. Many leading research organisations, including over 50 universities, use our published guidance, which is endorsed by funding and professional bodies. Use of our services has continued to grow yearly and we received over 90 formal requests for help in 2023.

Our aim is the more systematic and visible promotion and demonstration of integrity in research. UKRIO’s work goes beyond what can be achieved through contractual standards and complements the work of regulatory, professional and funding bodies. We provide proactive support tailored to the needs of employers, researchers and the public. UKRIO’s services are in-depth and practical without additional burdens – enhancing UK research’s international reputation and helping to protect the public by encouraging the strong professional ethos which drives research here.

Key elements of our work programme include:

It has become clear that employers and individuals value our confidential, independent and expert service and are willing to come forward and seek guidance from UKRIO at times of need. Our aim is to be the organisation of choice for all institutions and people across the UK to come to for these purposes.

To get advice from UKRIO, please use this form to contact us.


Our way of working

UKRIO is an advisory body, not a statutory regulator. Advice and guidance from UKRIO is not mandatory. It is based on, and aims to reinforce, best professional practice in the conduct of research and in addressing questionable behaviour and misconduct.

We do not believe that researchers and their institutions need micro-management or additional regulatory oversight. Instead, we support them in conducting research that is of the highest quality and ethical standards.

As well as helping to ensure that standards for good practice are met, we provide support when things go wrong. We advise members of the public and researchers faced with bad practice and ensure that institutions achieve high standards when addressing challenges to research integrity.

The guidance that UKRIO provides must always be independent, confidential and informed by best practice. Our focus is on support that is appropriate, proportionate and useful. We are not in the business of creating additional burdens or bureaucracy for researchers and their employers.