Our People

Staff and volunteers of UKRIO

We are an independent charity with a small office team, directed by a Board of Trustees. The work of our staff and Trustees is informed by the views and help of our Advisory Council. For more on how the staff and volunteers of UKRIO work together, please see our structure and governance page.

Our Advisory Community supports the work of UKRIO, thereby helping ensure we are in touch with the needs and concerns of the research community. Our volunteer Advisers play a vital and varied role in our activities, such as UKRIO’s Advisory Service. Together, the staff and volunteers of UKRIO can offer expert guidance on supporting good research practice, improving research culture and addressing poor practice and misconduct.

Working and volunteering with UKRIO

Working for UKRIO, you will develop a broad base of skills in a busy charity. Accordingly, you will also understand the challenges facing the integrity and quality of research in the UK. We work with universities, NHS Trusts, other research organisations, Government, regulatory and professional bodies, as well as our counterparts in other countries.

UKRIO is a small charity, supported by volunteers. Undoubtedly, our many successes could not have been achieved without their generous and expert support. Some volunteers sit on our Board of Trustees or our Advisory Council, the bodies that oversee UKRIO’s strategy and work programme. Other volunteers join our Advisory Community.