Launch of new research misconduct investigation procedure

Today UKRIO launches a new edition of its Procedure for the Investigation of Misconduct in Research.

Designed as a template which can be adopted by research organisations or used to inform the development of their own processes, the Procedure is a step-by-step manual for investigating misconduct in research, applicable to all subject areas and suitable for all organisations engaged in research – universities, NHS organisations, private sector bodies and charities.

James Parry, Chief Executive of UKRIO said: “Research misconduct can have wide-ranging and serious consequences. It not only harms the integrity of research but also damages the public trust. It’s essential that organisations have robust procedures to investigate alleged misconduct fully and fairly, and our Procedure fulfils this vital need.”

The first edition of our Procedure has been adopted by many research organisations, endorsed by funding bodies, and used to investigate complex allegations of research misconduct. This new edition has undergone a comprehensive review based on developments within the research sector and informed by UKRIO’s extensive and unique experience in addressing research misconduct. The format and structure of the Procedure have also been revised to ensure clarity and ease of use.

UKRIO has long championed high standards of quality and ethics in research. This new publication will work alongside our other activities, from education and training to answering the big questions in the research integrity landscape – such as our review on barriers to dealing with research misconduct.

Download the publication: