Research Integrity: a Landscape study

UKRIO research integrity webinar: Research Integrity: a landscape study, Wednesday 8 July 2020

This webinar brought together representatives from the sector to discuss a new report, Research Integrity: a landscape study, that was published in June 2020 by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

The study, carried out by Vitae with support from the UK Research Integrity Office and the UK Reproducibility Network, sort to understand what different pressures and incentives (positive and negative) exist in the research ecosystem, and how they affect researchers’ behaviour in the context of research integrity.

  • Dr Janet Metcalfe and Dr Katie Wheat discussed the approach to, and the findings of, the recently published report ‘Research integrity: a landscape study’. Their presentation can be found here.
  • Dr Karen Salt talked about research integrity in the context of research culture, UKRI’s activities in this area, and how the landscape study may be used to inform future UKRI strategy. Dr Helen Munn talked about the Research Integrity Committee, a new arms-length body with a remit to adopt a leadership role in this area, which will commence work later in the year. Their presentation can be found here.
  • Professor Marcus Munafo talked about the work of the UK Reproducibility Network (UKRN), a national peer-led consortium that investigates the factors that contribute to robust research. Professor Munafo talked about the work carried out across the UK through researcher-led networks and discussed what research integrity means at local level. Professor Munafo also talked about the potential impact of COVID-19 on research integrity. His presentation can be found here.

See below for the opportunity to watch the webinar: