Research ethics

UKRIO research integrity webinar: research ethics, Wednesday 5 August 2020

The focus of our August webinar was research ethics. The speakers discussed their experiences with current themes that are challenging for research ethic committees (RECs) as well as reflecting on the ethical review process to facilitate a culture of good research practice.

Their presentations were informative for persons in policy and management roles, along with chairs and members of RECs and for researchers to aid a better understanding of the role of their institution and RECs in supporting ethical practice.

This webinar also included discussions on use of the UKRIO/ARMA guidance Research Ethics Support and Review in Research Organisations and our training for members of research ethics committees.

  • David Carpenter, Chair – HRA South Central-Berkshire NHS Research Ethics Committee; Trainer in Research Ethics (HRA, ARMA, UKRIO). His presentation can be found here: COVID-19 and beyond: The virtuous researcher and the virtuous REC.
  • Professor John Oates, Professor of Developmental Psychology, The Open University. His presentation can be found here: Expanding ethics and integrity. 
  • Rowena Lamb is the Head of Research Integrity for University College London, leading on the development, delivery and oversight of a broad Cultures of Integrity initiative underpinning all research integrity matters.
  • Gail Seymour is the Head of Research Ethics and Governance at the University of Exeter, taking an institution-wide lead on all matters relating to research integrity and practice. The joint presentation from Rowena and Gail can be found here: Embedding research integrity in institutional research ethics framework.

See below for the opportunity to watch the webinar: