Good research practice from the publishers’ perspective

UKRIO research integrity webinar: Good research practice from the publishers’ perspective.

14:00-16:00, Wednesday 20 January.

This webinar discussed issues of good practice from the perspective of academic publishers. What issues do editors, journals and publishers face in safeguarding good research practice? How can researchers and publishers best work together to ensure the integrity of the research record? What might best practice in disseminating research look like?


Chris Graf, Director of Research Integrity at Wiley, covered, in short-form, what publishers are doing that helps researchers and universities to amplify research integrity by adopting new kinds of transparency. He discussed preprints, dove into a little about “registered reports,” and touched on FAIR data and open access. He also spent a minute on transparent peer review. Chris’s slides can he found here.


Suzanne Farley, PhD, Research Integrity Director, Springer Nature, addressed the following questions, focusing on the role of publishers. Who’s responsible for ensuring that research is conducted and reported ethically? Is the incidence of misconduct on the rise? What about honest mistakes? Which problems occur most frequently? How are those problems detected, and what mechanisms are there for fixing them?  Some publishers, including Springer Nature, have a specialist team dedicated to investigating and resolving research integrity and publication ethics problems. Suzanne outlined her team’s working principles, tools used to detect and prevent problems, and blockers to progress. Suzanne’s slides can be found here



Dr. Deborah C. Poff, CM, PhD, Chair of COPE, Past President and Vice Chancellor of Bandon University, a Founding Editor of the Journal of Business Ethics and the EIC of the Journal of Academic Ethics discussed the continuum of research integrity and publication ethics by scholars from the perspective of an active scholarly academic; further articulated the perspective of an Editor in Chief of a peer reviewed journal and finally talked about the tensions between the multiple obligations of academic administrators in universities in dealing with allegations of violations of research ethics and publication ethics. Deborah’s slides can be found here



Questions & Answers Session