An Introduction to Research Integrity

This webinar in the increasingly popular online event series from UKRIO on research integrity and related issues was an extremely popular topic. If you would like to experience it again or if you missed this months session, you can view the webinar slides below:

An Introduction to Research Integrity, discussed key issues relating to good practice in research and the challenges that researchers can face when ensuring that research is high quality and of high ethical standards.

The webinar was particularly aimed at research students; early-career researchers; and team leaders, principal investigators, managers, supervisors, research integrity officers and others who wish to make sure their are informed about issues of good research practice.


James Parry, Chief Executive of UKRIO,  looked at the challenges involved in ensuring that research is high quality and of high ethical standards, discuss the pressures faced by researchers and explore what researchers and organisations can do to safeguard and enhance good research practice. James’s slides can be found here.


Dr. Irene Hames, Independent Advisor, discussed the important issue of authorship in research: the issues researchers face in getting appropriate credit for their research contributions, the impact problems and disputes can have on their lives, professional and personal, and what can be done to help avoid problems arising. Dr Hames’s slides can be found here.


Dr Jessica Butler, Analytical Lead and Research Fellow at the University of Aberdeen, discussed how institutional policies and incentives that drive research integrity, and how early career researchers can improve research culture. Dr Butler’s slides can be found here.

Questions & Discussion Session

James Parry, Irene Hames & Jessica Butler answer questions from attendees.