To create and share knowledge of best practice and positive research cultures and conduct, UKRIO operates a comprehensive events programme.

Our charity is the trusted source for up-to-date education, development, and dissemination around research integrity best practice, providing access to a mix of events covering informative topics, updates for the research community and opportunities for peer learning.

Our charity has been holding annual research integrity conferences since 2013 and they are the premier UK research integrity events. We supplement our annual conferences – which are free and open to all – with a wide variety of other events: regular webinars on research integrity, roundtables on particular issues and challenges, events for our many subscriber organisations, and more.


Highlight: UKRIO 2022 Annual Conference

The theme of our charity’s 2022 conference was ‘Good research practice: culture, environment and sustainability’ and featured expert speakers such as Sir Patrick Vallance, Government Chief Scientific Adviser, Dr Elisabeth Bik, winner of the 2021 John Maddox Prize, Professor Astrid Eichhorn, chair of the ALLEA Working Group Climate Sustainability in the Academic System, and Professor James Wilsdon, Director, Research on Research Institute (RoRI).

For more information on our charity’s 2022 Annual Conference, including a selection of presentations, click here. Further presentations will be added shortly, along with videos of the sessions, so do check back for updates.


Regular webinars on research integrity

UKRIO has been holding regular webinars on research integrity and related issues for several years. Speakers from UKRIO and invited experts have explored topics such as publication ethics and authorship; research data; implementation of the Concordat to Support Research Integrity; research ethics; consent in research; and research integrity training. Our webinars are open to all and are free to attend.

Videos and slides from past webinars

To see videos and presentation slides from our extensive library of previous webinars, please visit this page. New videos and slides are added regularly, so do check back for updates.


Other events

UKRIO contributes to the national and international promotion of integrity in research. This involves discussion of our work at conferences and other events, giving lectures and case study workshops, as well as articles in academic journals and in the press. We also hold our own events to support good research practice.


Past events

Information on a selection of past UKRIO events, such as our 2022 annual conference, can be found on the annual conference and past webinar pages.


Terms and conditions for UKRIO event bookings can be found here.