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In May 2022, we announced new long-term goals for the UK Research Integrity Office following an in-depth strategic planning process that included consultation of our subscriber organisations and other service users. Our new strategy is based on insights gathered through that process, developments in the research integrity landscape and the changing needs of the research community.

Professor Sir Ian Boyd, Chair of UKRIO said: “UKRIO has achieved a great deal in recent years but there is always more to do to support good research practice and a healthy research culture. UKRIO is the principal expert source of best practice for UK research integrity and this new strategy sets out how we will continue to be a high-profile champion and critical friend of researchers and institutions, with a commitment to support continual improvement.”

UKRIO mission statement

Building on UKRIO’s considerable successes to date, this strategy sets out our vision and objectives for 2022-2025 to fulfil our charity’s mission.

Our vision is that through our activities, the UK research community is supported to produce work of the highest integrity, quality and efficacy. We pursue our vision in three ways:

UKRIO's three main aims

We will be giving more details on our work programme to deliver our strategy in the coming weeks, including updates for our subscriber organisations. We’re taking on new staff to help us deliver our operational plan and will be deepening our relationships with our volunteers and the wider research community. We will also be strengthening our existing collaborations with other bodies working on issues of research integrity, as well as forging new ones.

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