Our funding

UKRIO was initially funded as a pilot project by a broad stakeholder group, including the UK Higher Education Funding Councils, the UK Departments of Health, the Research Councils, the Royal Society, research charities and a variety of other organisations. In line with the original proposal for UKRIO, we are now expanding the pool of funders, and seeking support from universities, NHS organisations the Department of Health, other Government Departments and research organisations such as public and private sector research institutes and industry.


Funding policy

Our policy is that external funding will not divert UKRIO from its agreed aims and values. Donations to UKRIO do not entitle any individual or organisation to decision-making authority and no individual funding source should be of a magnitude that would allow it to exercise control or compromise in any significant way the independence of UKRIO.

Accordingly, our funders do not determine who we help or how we help them. UKRIO does not share confidential information on its work — for example, who has sought our advice, what their concerns were or how we assisted them — with the organisations that support us. If you have any questions about our funding, please contact us.


Subscribing to UKRIO

As a charity, we help all involved in research, whether individuals or organisations. UKRIO does not place barriers in the way of anyone with questions or concerns about the conduct of research. Our approach supports the UK’s research community by improving the conduct of research and by bringing concerns to the attention of appropriate organisations, such as employers, when they would otherwise remain unaware of them until they hit the press.

Organisations involved in research can choose to subscribe to UKRIO and receive additional, long-term support and services. We do not provide a ‘one-size-fits-all’ service to our subscribers but tailor our activities to their particular needs. As well as the practical benefits, we feel that subscribing to UKRIO allows institutions to signal their commitment to support integrity and high ethical standards in their research.

We have received an incredibly positive response to our subscription funding model and a full list of our supporters can be found here. They include research-intensive universities such as Aberdeen, Bristol, Cardiff, Durham, Exeter, Edinburgh, Glasgow, King’s College London, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Oxford, Queen Mary University of London, Queen’s University Belfast, Sheffield, St. Andrews, University College London and Warwick, as well as institutions which are still developing their research portfolios. Subscribers range from universities who have used our services in the past to those who are only just appreciating the benefits of accessing our expertise.

Many leading universities have subscribed to UKRIO. NHS organisations, private sector research institutions, charities and learned societies are also welcome.  If your institution is interested in subscribing, further information can be found here.