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UKRIO contributes to national discussions on research integrity and the development of initiatives to support and sustain good research practice, such as the Concordat to Support Research Integrity. We use our unique experience, expertise and data to inform these processes, to help ensure the promotion of high quality research and the protection of participants and patients.

Research has come under the spotlight in recent years. The Research Assessment Exercise links money to quality. Scrutiny is routine in both academic and, increasingly, mainstream media. At the same time, studies have gathered evidence that inappropriate practices are more common than many would like to think. Dishonest research damages the scientific record and betrays the public’s trust. It wastes public funds. Most seriously, misconduct risks harm to research participants, patients and the public.

It is important to keep a sense of perspective. The UK is not rife with research fraud. Guidance for researchers should encourage the strong professional ethos which, thankfully, drives most research here. UKRIO’s aim is the more systematic and visible promotion and demonstration of integrity in research.

The recent Consensus Statement on Research Misconduct in the UK and Concordat to Support Research Integrity show that the research community is uniting to do more. We will work with others to implement their conclusions for the public benefit, to help safeguard research integrity and enhance the UK’s world-class reputation for conducting exceptional and innovative research.

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