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Subscribing to UKRIO

UKRIO has amassed significant and unique expertise as the only dedicated research integrity organisation in the UK. We were established not only to address research misconduct but also to promote and support good practice and high ethical standards in every stage of the research process. The support we provide extends across all academic disciplines as it has done since our inception.

Organisations involved in research can choose to subscribe to UKRIO and receive additional, long-term support and services. We do not provide a ‘one-size-fits-all’ service to our subscribers but tailor our activities to their particular needs. As well as the practical benefits, we feel that subscribing to UKRIO allows institutions to signal their commitment to support integrity and high ethical standards in their research.


Our ethos and services

Our whole approach is advisory. We have no statutory powers and see ourselves as a bulwark against the introduction of some overly restrictive and bureaucratic system of regulation. Accordingly, what we provide is support that is appropriate, practical and proportionate, rather than burdensome and bureaucratic – that helps researchers rather than hinders them.

We promote common approaches to common situations but provide specialist, subject-specific expertise whenever necessary. Our support is in-depth and long-term, yet light-touch: we don’t micro-manage researchers.

Rather than provide a single set of services for all subscribers, we undertake a wide variety of activities devised to meet each organisation’s particular needs, informed by UKRIO’s unmatched practical experience.

Examples of the services we are providing to our existing subscribers can be found here: services for UKRIO subscribers.


Subscribing to UKRIO

We have received an incredibly positive response to our subscription funding model and a full list of our supporters can be found here. They include research-intensive universities such as Aberdeen, Bristol, Cardiff, Durham, Exeter, Edinburgh, Glasgow, King’s College London, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Oxford, Queen Mary University of London, Queen’s University Belfast, Sheffield, St. Andrews, University College London and Warwick, as well as institutions which are still developing their research portfolios. Subscribers range from universities who have used our services in the past to those who are only just appreciating the benefits of accessing our expertise.

Recognition of the value of our work extends beyond higher education: The Consensus Statement on Research Misconduct in the UK strongly endorsed our work, urging those who have not done so to join, and the Royal Society and the British Academy subscribe to UKRIO. The Concordat to Support Research Integrity was developed with the assistance of UKRIO and it recognises us as a key source of support for research institutions and researchers.


Associate membership for non-UK research organisations

UKRIO’s expertise is understandably rooted in the legal, ethical and other structures under which research is conducted in the UK. However, there is a great deal of crossover with how research is conducted in other countries, including common challenges and pitfalls. While our focus will always remain on the UK, we offer an associate membership for non-UK research organisations which wish to use our advisory and support services, and access our subscriber-only events and publications.

Information on associate membership can be found here.


Further information

Many leading universities have decided to subscribe to UKRIO. NHS organisations, private sector research institutions, charities and learned societies are also welcome, as are research institutions from outside the UK. If you would like further information on the benefits of subscribing to UKRIO, please contact us.



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