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Update on UKRIO’s move to a wider pool of funders and supporters


UKRIO has received a positive response to its new model of funding. Institutions which have agreed to support UKRIO include research-intensive universities such as Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, King’s College London, Liverpool,  Nottingham, Oxford, Sheffield, University College London and Warwick, as well as institutions which are still developing their research portfolios. Some of these organisations have used our services in the past while others are only just appreciating the benefits of accessing UKRIO’s unique expertise.

We will not provide a ‘one-size-fits-all’ service to our supporters but will tailor our activities to their particular needs, backed by UKRIO’s unique experience, expertise and data. We have long recognised that there are already many demands on researchers and employers so our focus is on support that is appropriate, practical and proportionate, rather than burdensome and bureaucratic.

While we recognise that these are uncertain times for the funding of many organisations, UKRIO has clearly demonstrated that its services are required and that it fills a gap in the research community that is not provided by any other UK institution. We welcome the support of our new supporters for this important initiative.

Researchers, research participants, patients and the public will continue to find our services free at the point of delivery. We do not place barriers in the way of anyone with concerns about the conduct of research. Our approach supports the UK’s reputation by improving the conduct of research and by bringing concerns to the attention of appropriate organisations, such as employers, when they would remain unaware of them until they hit the press.

We will remain a not-for-profit body and, to reflect our nature, are seeking charitable status. UKRIO will not share confidential information about our work with our supporters or any other third parties. For further information on UKRIO and its work, please contact us.

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