Case study packs

UKRIO uses illustrative case studies extensively in its education and training work. We have found that they are an excellent way to raise awareness of good research practice and to illustrate the complexities and ‘grey areas’ which can occur.

The case studies we use are not literal accounts of any particular enquiry to UKRIO. Instead they are scenarios, based on real-life situations, which illustrate recurring or notable issues and problems which have been brought to our attention. Most case studies are suitable for any audience, while others are tailored for particular types of researcher, such as early career researchers or people investigating allegations of misconduct. While some case studies may mention a particular discipline, we have found that they contain themes that cut across all subjects.

Each case study is accompanied by some suggested points for discussion. These are intended as a starting point for debate and reflection, drawing on the major themes of the case study. Certain approaches are proposed but discussion of the cases may well suggest others – there is often no single ‘right’ answer.

We use our case studies when giving lectures or standalone training sessions on research integrity, when we contribute to research institutions’ education and development programmes, and at UKRIO’s own events. We also provide our subscribers with case study packs for their own use. If you would like further information, please contact us.


Sample case study pack



Exclusive case study packs for UKRIO subscribers

If you are a member of staff or a student at a UKRIO subscriber institution and would like to receive our subscriber-only case study packs, please contact us for further information.