3.3 Training and mentoring

3.3.1 Organisations should provide training for researchers to enable them to carry out their duties and develop their knowledge and skills throughout their career. This should include training in the responsible design, conduct and dissemination of research. They should support researchers in identifying unmet needs for training and development. Organisations should provide qualified mentors to assist in the training and career development of new researchers and also provide career development and educational opportunities for researchers who are more established in their careers. As in 3.2.2, they should support the principles of the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers.

3.3.2 Organisations should provide particular support for student researchers. They should make sure that student researchers understand which standards and organisational policies and procedures they are expected to comply with.

3.3.3 Researchers should undergo training in order to carry out their duties and to develop their knowledge and skills throughout their career, repeating training where necessary to ensure that skills are kept uptodate. They should identify needs for training when they arise and report them to their manager or other appropriate person as identified by their organisation. See also section 3.2.3.