3.13 Monitoring and audit

3.13.1 Organisations and researchers should ensure that research projects comply with any monitoring and audit requirements. They should make sure that researchers charged with carrying out such monitoring and audits have sufficient training, resources and support to fulfil the requirements of the role.

3.13.2 Organisations should monitor and audit research projects to ensure that they are being carried out in accordance with good practice, legal and ethical requirements, and any other guidelines, adopting a riskbased and proportional approach.

3.13.3 Researchers should consider any requirements for monitoring and audit at an early stage in the design of a project.

3.13.4 Researchers should cooperate with the monitoring and audit of their research projects by applicable bodies and undertake such when required. They should cooperate with any outcomes of the monitoring and audit of their research projects. If they become aware of a need for monitoring and audit where it is not already scheduled, they should report that need to the appropriate person(s).