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Examples of services for UKRIO subscribers

UKRIO has amassed significant and unique expertise as the only dedicated research integrity organisation in the UK. We were established not only to address research misconduct but also to promote and support good research practice and related fields such as research ethics, research governance, integrity in research design, integrity in collaborative research and good practice in publication and authorship. The support we provide extends across all academic disciplines as it has done since our inception. While we promote common approaches to common situations, we provide specialist, subject-specific expertise whenever necessary.


Advisory and support services

Some subscribers need our assistance with raising awareness of the importance of research integrity. Our activities in this area range from UKRIO coming in to give talks and lead discussions, to assisting with the creation or revision of systems for research governance and management, including research ethics. Then there are those who are seeking for us to be ‘on tap’ as a source of advice for staff and research students on research practice, drawing upon the experience of our expert Advisers. Other institutions are seeking specific help relating to particular research projects or challenging areas of research practice, particularly in relation to multidisciplinary research and collaborations with other organisations in the UK and abroad.

Certain universities are seeking our help with addressing and preventing research misconduct, whether specific cases or in general terms regarding systems for addressing concerns. Others feel that they have such issues in hand and have asked for our involvement in education and training in good research practice. This is something with which we have a great deal of experience, ranging from input into course content to actual help with its delivery.

Many institutions have a mixture of these needs and we have experience with facilitating them all and plan to do so. In addition, we also undertake more general activities which will be of use to all subscribers, for example: updating our core guidance documents on good research practice and addressing misconduct; producing guidance on specific issues and problems; sharing case studies on research conduct; access to our expert Advisers to answer queries on research practice; expert assistance with investigations of alleged misconduct; and access to our advice and guidance services on issues of research integrity.


Exclusive events for subscribers and associate members

Organisations that support UKRIO can attend our subscriber-only events, such as our annual conference. Each subscriber or associate member is allocated a complimentary place at the conference, with additional places available on request for a small charge. We also hold workshops on specific aspects of research integrity. The workshops have a practical focus and cover promoting good practice within an organisation as well as responding to problems and concerns.


Implementation of The Concordat to Support Research Integrity

UKRIO is a supporter of The Concordat to Support Research Integrity. We see it as an important step in the journey towards improving research integrity and enhancing the UK’s world-class reputation for conducting exceptional research. Accordingly, we have expanded our programme of work to support our subscribers in meeting the requirements of the Concordat. UKRIO has created a Self-Assessment Tool to help institutions implement the Concordat and are working with many of our subscribers to revise and improve their systems and practices. We do not offer a prescriptive approach but help institutions determine what would best meet their particular needs.


Publications and case studies

Our subscribers and associate members get early access to some of our publications, while we produce other, exclusive guidance for subscribers and associate members only. Institutions which support UKRIO also receive regular illustrative case studies on issues of research integrity. We have found that these are an excellent way to raise awareness of good research practice and illustrate the complexities and ‘grey areas’ which can occur.


Further information

A PDF summary of this page is available here: Examples of the services for UKRIO subscribers

Many leading universities have decided to subscribe to UKRIO. NHS organisations, private sector research institutions, charities and learned societies are also welcome, as are research institutions from outside the UK. If you would like to subscribe to UKRIO or request further information , please contact us.

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