2023 New Year Research Integrity Challenge

12th Jan - 27th Jan, 2023 New Year Research Integrity Challenge. Complete the challenges to advance your knowledge in good research practice. 13 research practice challenges to complete.

Happy new year from the UKRIO team!

We are delighted to announce the UKRIO 2023 New year Research Integrity Challenge on our Twitter, LinkedIn and Mastodon, starting on Thursday 12th January 2023 and running through to Friday 27th January 2023.

There are a total of 13 challenges to complete and each weekday will contain at least 1 challenge. These challenges will advance your knowledge of good research practice.

This page will be updated with the challenges when a new one is published.

If you would like to talk to us about any of the subjects in the challenge, please get in touch via info@ukrio.org.



Day 1: How would you describe to someone what Research Integrity is?
Day 2: What are questionable research practices?
Day 3: Do you know what research culture is?
Day 4: Start the conversation on improving the research culture
Day 5: Hosting a virtual Wellcome Trust Café Culture discussion
Day 6: Find out who is the Research Integrity lead at your institution
Day 7: Learn about making your research environmentally sustainable
Day 8: Download the Dilemma Game App
Day 9: Read these case studies from the Russell Group
Day 10: What is responsible, fair and ethical authorship? / Watch this video from Dr. Irene Hames
Day 11: Take a look at the UKRN primers and share your favourite
Day 12: Learn more about Image Integrity in Research Publication with Jana Christopher