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New guidance from UKRIO: internet-mediated research


UKRIO has published a guidance note that explores issues of research integrity and ethical considerations applicable to internet-mediated research. The publication is available for download on our website:

UKRIO Guidance note: internet-mediated research

It is unsurprising that an increasing number of researchers are choosing the internet as a tool for data collection, for recruitment and as a research landscape. The ubiquitous nature of the internet and the digitisation of our lives is reflected in the number of disciplines interested in using the internet as a research tool or landscape. In turn, this new landscape requires consideration of the ethics in research practice online.

Aimed at researchers and research organisations, the document covers all disciplines of research but does not put forward a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.  It complements existing guidance on internet-mediated research, such as provided by the Association of Internet Researchers, the British Psychological Society and the Economic and Social Research Council, and does not seek to replace them.

Research organisations will be able to use this guidance to raise awareness of the practicalities of internet-mediated research, and also as material for staff and student development and training. This document can also be used as a reference tool by organisations who wish to create specific policies on internet-mediated research or revise existing policies.

As internet-mediated research evolves further, good practice will continue to develop. This document will be revised periodically, to reflect such developments and highlight those new challenges which emerge. UKRIO will seek feedback from the research community to inform the revision of this document.

During 2017, UKRIO will be publishing further guidance notes, including guidance on authorship in academic publications. Our existing guidance notes are available here.


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