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One-day workshop 1 April 2014 – ‘Authorship: Promoting good practice and resolving disputes’

In April 2014, UKRIO held the first in a series of workshops focussing on particular issues of research integrity.

Authorship: Promoting good practice and resolving disputes focussed on the challenges of facilitating good practice in academic authorship. This can be a very difficult area for researchers. Different disciplines have different norms, while the requirements of academic journals can vary a great deal. Career pressures can encourage researchers to cut corners and disputes over authorship can be difficult to resolve.

The workshop explored:

•   The conventions for authorship and the complex issues which can arise

•   Practical measures to help researchers in their institutions understand standards for authorship, including the role of institutional authorship policies

•   How to investigate and resolve problems/ concerns with authorship in their own institutions.

Speakers from UKRIO and other organisations shared their experiences and perspectives, including how to respond to common issues and pitfalls. Presentations and group discussions explored the required standards for authorship, the customs which have arisen in different disciplines and the potential ‘grey areas’ which can occur.

Workshop report

A report on this one-day workshop is in preparation.


•   Professor Mark Everist, Professor of Music and former Associate Dean (Research), University of Southampton.

•   Dr Ron Iphofen, Visiting Senior Research Fellow, the Open University; former Vice Chair, the Social Research Association.

•   Dr Richard Smith, Director, UnitedHealth Chronic Disease Initiative; former editor-in-chief, British Medical Journal; UKRIO Advisory Board member.

•   Dr Elizabeth Wager, Publications Consultant, Sideview; former Chair, Committee on Publication Ethics; UKRIO Advisory Board member.

Workshop materials

A selection of the materials from the workshop is available below.

Please note that speakers have requested that their presentations are not hosted on any institutional websites. Copyright of the presentation rests with the speaker and/or their institution, unless otherwise stated. Use of any presentation for commercial gain or purposes requires the prior permission of the speaker.


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