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Research on research integrity


UKRIO responds to Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology report on research integrity

The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology has published a note exploring current approaches to promoting integrity in research. This POSTnote : “…considers current approaches to fostering an environment conducive to good research in the UK, and detecting and preventing practices that fall short of expected standards. It also examines the current mechanisms for supporting integrity in […]


2016 annual conference: presentations now available

Our fourth annual research integrity conference focused on how to support a culture of high quality and ethical research. Speakers, such as Sir Malcolm Grant, former President and Provost of University College London,  discussed how to respond to common issues and pitfalls, while UKRIO and invited guests provided an update for new developments within the sector, such […]


PLOS ONE: study on the increase in scientific retractions

Following on from their previous research on research integrity, R. Grant Steen, Arturo Casadevall and Ferric C. Fang ask why number of scientific publications being retracted has risen sharply? Is it because flawed articles are being retracted more quickly or has there been an increase in the number of flawed articles being published? The study is available […]


Interventions to prevent misconduct and promote integrity in research and publication

UKRIO welcomes the publication of ‘Interventions to prevent misconduct and promote integrity in research and publication.’ Authored by Ana Marusic, Elizabeth Wager, Ana Utrobicic, Dario Sambunjak, Melissa Anderson and Hannah Rothstein, the protocol assesses educational and policy interventions. The interventions considered focus on promoting research integrity. The protocol measures research behaviour through professional standards and […]


‘Scientific Misconduct and the Myth of Self- Correction in Science’

In November 2012 Perspectives on Psychological Science published a fascinating article, ‘Scientific Misconduct and the Myth of Self-Correction in Science.’ Authored by Wolfgang Stroebe, Tom Postmes and Russell Spears, the piece examines whether psychology is more vulnerable to research fraud than the biomedical sciences and explore the effectiveness of self-correcting mechanisms in research. It studies a […]


Spotlight: research on misconduct policies in high-impact biomedical journals

In December 2012, PLoS ONE published research into the prevalence and content policies of the most influential biomedical journals on research misconduct and their procedures for addressing allegations of misconduct. The authors conducted a cross-sectional study of the misconduct policies of 399 high-impact biomedical journals in the United States. The study defined research misconduct as […]


UKRIO responds to ‘Misconduct accounts for the majority of retracted scientific publications’

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) today published a comprehensive review of retracted research papers in biomedicine and the life sciences. The study, which looked at over 2,000 biomedical and life science papers listed by the PubMed database as retracted, found that roughly two-thirds of retractions were because of fraud or suspected […]

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